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Silver Anniversary Issue of Skibo Magazine Launches

Posted: 1 January 2020

2020 marks 25 years of The Carnegie Club, and to commemorate this momentous occasion Skibo magazine is even bigger than usual, with a look at the club’s past ad its future as well as an array of interesting articles, beautiful photographs, and fabulous illustrations. Copies have been sent to our members, and we also have a digital edition, available to download from our website.

Read on as we reveal what awaits you in this year’s issue…

magazine pages - club calendar

Discover what the year ahead holds for members of The Carnegie Club with the Club Calendar. From our opening weekend which kicks off the club’s 25th year in true Skibo style, to a wilderness weekend for teens with adventurer George Bullard, to our exclusive members-only trips visiting chateaux in Champagne, golfing in Italy and our Belmond Royal Scotsman and Skibo Silver Anniversary House Parties, 2020 promises to be an incredible year of celebration.

magazine pages - favourite things

We share a few our favourite things, from the prestigious makers behind the Skibo tweed to our special edition silver anniversary gin!

magazine pages - softly softly

Skibo’s owner Ellis Short and The Carnegie Club chairman Peter Crome describe the gentle but consistent evolution required to uphold its unique charm and heritage in ‘Softly, Softly’ by Robert Ryan.

magazine pages - why knot

Anyone who has met The Carnegie Club chairman Peter Crome will know that he has a world-class collection of ties. In ‘Why Knot?’ the tie aficionado discusses the influence of the necktie as both a statement of personal style and a symbol of socio-cultural change. This entertaining article features charming illustrations by Adam Nickel.

magazine pages - defender of the realm

As Land Rover relaunches the Defender range, David Green explains why the iconic British motor was due an overhaul in ‘Defender of the Realm.’

magazine pages - afternoon delight

Skibo archivist Victoria Connor describes how - with the finest teas, dainty sandwiches and delicate patisseries - afternoon tea at Skibo faithfully upholds this charming British tradition in ‘Afternoon Delight’.

magazine pages - raising skibo's spirits

In celebration of the Club’s 25th anniversary, Skibo has created a gin starring botanicals from its gardens, and ordered a search for a remarkable whisky, writes Douglas Blyde in ‘Raising Skibo’s Spirits’.

magazine pages - eye for design

In ‘Eye for Design’, Jeremy Ellwood charts the evolution of The Carnegie Links, one of Scotland’s most revered golf courses.

magazine pages - run the good race

As Weatherbys approaches its 250th anniversary, Jemima Wilson explores the journey from its horse-racing roots to becoming a modern-day bank in ‘Run the Good Race’.

magazine pages - centre stage

The Royal Opera House is the spectacular setting for ‘Centre Stage’, the fashion story shot by Oskar Gyllensward, featuring a showstopping ensemble of silver tones and shimmering stones in celebration of the club’s anniversary year.

magazine pages - heart of stone

The upkeep of Skibo’s distinctive stonework requires specialist skills that estate director Gary Gruber is passionate about preserving, writes Dr Victoria Connor in ‘Heart of Stone’.

magazine pages - spellbinding work

Sarah Royce-Greensill discovers the pride, heritage and mastery that permeate every creation by Scottish silversmith Hamilton & Inches in ‘Spellbinding Work’.

magazine pages - state of the art

From school programmes to live broadcasts, Alex Beard, CEO of the Royal Opera House, is committed to making the institution accessible to all, writes Katie Wyartt in ‘State of the Art’.

magazine pages - wit and wisdom

The Carnegie Club’s Poet in Residence, Roger McGough CBE, talks to Gemma Billington about making poetry inclusive, and the inspiration to be found at Skibo.

magazine pages - the great outdoors

Record-breaking explorer George Bullard is leading a series of activity weekends for teenagers at Skibo. In ‘The Great Outdoors’, he explains his passion for helping others discover the benefits of nature.

magazine pages - hidden gems

Four team members who have been at the Club from the very beginning tell Jane Fulcher how Skibo Castle has changed over the years, and what keeps them here.

magazine pages - the art of travel

Hannah Rogers calls for a return to the style and craftsmanship of the luggage brands synonymous with the golden age of travel in ‘The Art of Travel’.

magazine pages - life and soul

In ‘Life and Soul’, seven original members of The Carnegie Club share their memories of special times spent at Skibo.

magazine pages - joy riding

In ‘Joy Riding’, Lucy Frith explores the benefits of a connected ride with the Peloton bikes in the Skibo gym, while in ‘Keys of Life’ Victoria Connor recounts how Skibo’s organ has provided a soundtrack to life at the castle since 1904.

magazine pages - looking back

We reflect on 2019 at the club and celebrate another inspiring year at Skibo, full of adventure, accolades, milestones and merriment in ‘Looking Back’.


The 2020 edition of Skibo magazine is available now.

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