Play it as it Lies

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Carnegie Links clubhouse

One of Scotland's Finest

The Carnegie Links is the jewel in Skibo’s crown. An 18-hole Championship course on the banks of the Dornoch Firth, it offers players 6,833 yards of golfing genius. There are no tee times at Skibo, so members are free to play as and when the mood takes them.


With its relaxed atmosphere and array of golf professionals on hand to offer advice and tuition, the Carnegie Links is ideal for both beginners finding their feet on the greens for the first time and accomplished golfers looking to perfect their swing. Lessons can be booked with our resident golf professionals.

A Challenge for Every Player

Experience the next best thing to being on the Carnegie Links with a virtual hole-by-hole flyover and commentary by Sky Sports presenter Ewen Murray.

Hole 1, par 4, 449 yards

Hole 2, par 4, 412 yards

Hole 3, par 5, 547 yards

Hole 4, par 3, 155 yards

Hole 5, par 5, 549 yards

Hole 6, par 3, 152 yards

Hole 7, par 4, 340 yards

Hole 8, par 4, 359 yards

Hole 9, par , 215 yards

Hole 10, par 4, 504 yards

Hole 11, par 4, 471 yards

Hole 12, par 4, 429 yards

Hole 13, par 3, 151 yards

Hole 14, par 5, 471 yards

Hole 15, par 3, 215 yards

Hole 16, par 4, 468 yards

Hole 17, par 4, 304 yards

Hole 18, par 5, 557 yards


Members love the modern Highland luxury of the Skibo Clubhouse, which has views over both the Carnegie Links and the Dornoch Firth. Golfers also appreciate the fully-stocked Halfway House where they can partake of some light refreshments and perhaps even a wee tipple to fortify them for the return leg back to the Clubhouse.

men's changing rooms Carnegie Links