b'MOTORINGFrom top: Skibos newI-Pace vehicles will transport guests around the grounds;ITS QUICK AND DYNAMIC, BUT charging points have been installed, whichSTILL SERENE \x1e A S THE MOST guests can also use LUXURIOUS JAGUAR S SHOULD BE a working estate like Skibo? Transport manager Allen Davidson is responsible for assessing the cars suitability. On an evaluation drive he opted to take the I-Pace on his own tailored route, more rigorous than the dealers usual test circuit. He neednt have worried: Within half an hour I was sold and I came away having ordered two new cars. Any negativity he had about electric vehicles was dispelled and he had the added bonus of cutting up two fuel cards that I dont need anymore, having replaced two diesel SUVs with the electric Jaguars. However, Allen is at pains to admit he is not the6 2innovator of electric mobility at Skibo. In fact, he is nowhere near it, as we have to go back 115 years to give that accolade to Andrew Carnegie, who registered a 5 horsepower electric powered Double Phaeton on 26 April 1904, registration plate NS 8, signifying the 8th car in Northern Scotland. He went on to purchase two further electric vehicles for use on the estate that year, in a rst foray into electric power that would have to wait over a century to be reignited.Skibo has now been involved in a Carbon Management Plan for six years, reducing its emissions by almost 50 per centthe electricVisitJaguars complement this plan. Gary Gruber, estate director, sums up the ambition, We are hugely passionate about reducing our carbon footprint. Skibo is a peaceful environment nestled in an area of outstanding beauty. It would be amazing to think that in a few years there may be no diesel vehicles in our eet. To achieve that and get a couple of cutting-edge, good-looking cars into the bargain is whats commonly referred to as a win-win. to shop the Peter Millar Collection'