b' 2018BRANDMARK1 |2 |3 |Blaser Outfits HYBRID Mens1 | HYBRID 2-in-1 Jacket2 | HYBRID 2-in-1 Inner jacket3 | HYBRID TrousersOuter jacketInner jacketHYBRIDTWO IN ONEOur brand new Blaser Outfits HYBRID line is tailored to changing weather con-ditions. Its design according to the multi-layer principle consists of a wind- and waterproof as well as warming layer. This turns the HYBRID line into a multi-functional hunting companion for the cool season. For more information on Blaser Outfits please go to: www.blaser.de/outfitsBAO_Anzeige_HYBRID_2_in_1_Jacke_220x280_EN.indd 1 29.03.18 08:58'