b'EPICUREintermingle. Well be prepping lunch and someone will come up and talk to us about food. Thats when we find out that theyre a fan of seafood, for instance, says Lindsay. The sea is an extension of our kitchen gardenweve got a great regional larderand thats something we can talk to guests about forever. People are so invested in what were doing, were honing their experience and forming a relationship with them to uphold a sense of home. Creating a home-from-home environment may be one of Skibos key tenets but for Craig, serving food and drink that exceeds members expectations is what elevates the experience into something special. People like to know what theyre eating and where it comes from, says Craig, who encourages his chefs to walk through the front of the castle with anything they have picked from the garden. It often triggers a conversation with members about food or the season, he adds. For some reason when they find out the leeks come from the garden, the soup tastes better. Everything from choosing the seeds, to creating innovative and seemingly effortless dishes is something the chefs at Skibo have mastered. These dishes are a testament to the quality of the produce and indicative of the chefs respect for the ingredients. When the Skibo dinner bell chimes at 8 oclock, members will gather in true house-party style for a taste of the estate, with the freshest ingredients formed into a diverse selection of mouthwatering dishes by Craig, Lindsay and the rest of the team. Perhaps if Mr Carnegie were alive today, he would describe the culinary offering at the castle as Heaven on a plate. Above: a Clubhouse lunch of roasted sole with langoustine and pink fir apple potatoes. Right: lemon parfait with citrus biscuit and milk sorbet'