b'THE CARNEGIE CLUBT H E L E G A C Y O F 2 9 P H I L A N T H R O P YSir Tom Hunter reflects on Andrew Carnegies ever-relevant influence on wealth and givingILLUSTRATION Tommy ParkerW hen I was 37 years old, a friendit was a bit of an epiphany. Here was someone,important. So I went to America and introduced me to the story ofwriting 100-odd years ago, with such clarity.I knocked on the door of the Carnegie Andrew Carnegie through a visitHis line The man who dies rich, diesCorporation of New York and asked if to Skibo Castle. Id never heard of Carnegiedisgraced struck a chord. Carnegies ideasthe president, Vartan Gregorian, was in. at that time, and I was bowled over with hisreally resonated because Id grown a businessFortunately, he was. Vartan listened to my L E A D I N G T H E N O B L E P U R S U I Tvision of achieving great wealth and thenfrom nothing and sold it for a great deal ofstory and then he said: This great wealth O F F I N E W I N E S S I N C E 174 9 finding a purpose and doing something goodmoney so I had nothing to do and thereforeyou came into, youre a custodian for it. You with that wealth while youre still alive.I was searching; I was looking for education. need to go and find a purpose and find out Justerini & Brooks. Portfolio, expertise and personal service. I became fascinated with all things CarnegieIn everything we do, be it in businesshow you can be a good ancestor. Vartan wasI read his essay The Gospel of Wealth andor philanthropy, I think having a mentor isvery generous with his time, he guided me Justerinis.com/discover'