b'The teams from Londons Square Mile and Wall Street enjoyed a friendly yet competitive tournament on Skibos splendid linkslike a home from home, with dinner enjoyed together at one long table, giving it a real community feel. Theres a magic about the place thats wonderfully Scottish, but with a transatlantic twist.Jonathan Larken, captain of the American contingent, says, The banter prior to arrival created a competitive, Ryder Cup dynamic. It was two teams, one course and only one winner. It was fun, exciting and tense all at the same time. Larken says the US team were slow to adapt to the Scottish conditions and tricky courseexpecting the ball to sit up on lush, American-style fairwaysand were ummoxed by the Highland winds. We were hoping someone would turn the fan setting 41 down, he jokes. Although his team rallied to save pride on the second day, the valiant comeback came just too late.The international element of the competition reects the Clubs longstanding ties to the US, with many American golfers jetting across the pond to test their mettle against the notoriously difcult Scottish links course. As well as giving the two teams the chance to prove their skills, the competition acted as a showcase for the grandeur of The Carnegie Links and its incredible facilities, with rst-time players from both teams blown away by the rugged beauty of the course.Larken adds that the best result came after the nal hole. The golf was only one component to a memorable weekend, he says. Ill never forget the US team Scottish reeling in our kilts, or the haggis presentation. My lasting impression is of a unique, surreal, perfect venue with the It was an honour to captain the London City team, saysgreatest staff in the world. It was three days that will Lawson Muncaster, managing director of London-basednever be matched.nancial newspaper City AM. The competition gives youThe participants didnt only have the course and a real insight into the nature of businessmen, especially thecompetition to enjoy, they were also treated to the height low-handicappers. There was a lot of banter and even a bitof luxury for the duration of their staythey were kitted of light-hearted cheating, with people pretending to visit theout in high-end sportswear courtesy of KJUS, ferried other team for a chat but really just trying to eavesdrop. around in an incredible eet of customised Overnch The Carnegie Club and its course are one of theRange Rovers and kept hydrated with good old Scottish worlds best-kept secrets. It has style and sophistication,Highland Spring water. The players were also delighted but it retains its earthy, rustic charm. With the work thatswhen they were joined by six-time Ryder Cup playerbeen done on the links, its a really special place. It feelsand three-time winnerHoward Clark, who provided'