b'PHILANTHROPYMAKING WE ALTH FOR ITS OWN SAKE, IS NOT RE ALLY FULFILLING FOR THE INDIVIDUAL, OR INDEED FOR SO CIE T Y 30 and he challenged me: a true philanthropicmarks you out. Just adding another zero tois, we need people with entrepreneurial mentor. We talked over things and we stillones fortune, and making wealth for its ownminds to contribute their brainpower to do today. He is now a trustee of The Huntersake, is not really fulfilling for the individual,seemingly intractable problems. In the Foundation, which my wife Marion andor indeed for society. modern day, philanthropy moves with the I set up in 1998. There are more people creatingtimes and reflects the current challenges of For anybody on the outside looking in,individual wealth today, compared to whentodaysuch as climate change, or ocean you would think getting a very large chequeCarnegie was alive, and therefore moreconservation, or things like interplanetary would be total euphoria, but it wasnt becausepeople thinking about what to do with it.living that Elon Musks foundation is I had spent most of my adult life doing thisMy wife and I are signatories of The Givinginterested in. It often goes hand-in-hand one thingbuilding up a business and itPledge, the brainchild of Bill and Melindawith these great entrepreneurial minds was all-consuming. Suddenly I had nothingGates and Warren Buffett. Its an initiativeand I love it when they turn their attention to do, when I was only 37 years oldit wasthat encourages others to contribute at leastto philanthropic issues. quite strange and scary. 50 per cent of their wealth to philanthropicEven though the biggest thing Carnegie Carnegie was very clear that havingcauses. I dont want to preach to others aboutinfluenced in me was to do something while wealth was a privilege and you had to takephilanthropy, I just want to say that, inyoure still alive, the fact there are so many the responsibility of wealth very seriously.my experience, its great fun, it gives youCarnegie entities that still carry on today If youve had good fortune and youve gota purpose and its very fulfilling. shows how powerful his contribution to an entrepreneurial mind thats made youAt The Hunter Foundation we havephilanthropy was. Some of the philanthropic very wealthy, then put that same brain tosettled on helping entrepreneurs and oncauses were working on today may be good use because, in my opinion, makingeducation, because we think thats wheredifferent, but the philosophy is absolutely the money is only one side of the coin. Thatwe can contribute the most to transformingthe same 150 years later. Thats his genius, was my big learning from Carnegiethatlives in a positive way, but for someoneand his legacy. money-making in and of itself is not enough,else it may be another area that they are bestthehunterfoundation.co.uk; givingpledge.org; its what you actually do with the money thatsuited to making a difference. Whatever itmuskfoundation.org'