b'PEOPLEH I D D E N G E M SMeet the people working their magic on the estate to ensure the Skibo experience is truly exceptional each and every timeWORDS Jane FulcherBehind everything that happens at Skibo is a talented group of people making it all work. From outdoor pursuits to culinary excellence, The Carnegie Club prides itself onnding the very best team of experts whose individual skills help to keep the castle running. We meet three members0 7of sta\x1ewho share their experience and highlights of working at the castle.R O S E M C C A R T H YBakerI joined Skibo in October 2018 and before that I was studying at the School of Artisan Food, with a focus on bread. Im responsible for baking the bread and breakfast pastries and setting up the afternoon tea. Most of my days start with mixing doughs, then I bake the pastries, ready for breakfast. After that, I spend time making scones and pancakes for the afternoon tea and baking the bread for dinner. There is a strong emphasis on training at the castle; were all encouraged Ewen Weatherspoon, Charles Leekto learn new things. This February, I had the opportunity to spend some time at The Ritz hotel in London, as a stagiaire [trainee] in the afternoon tea pastry kitchen. I learned all about the hotels famous afternoon tea and helped with the magnificent mousses. I picked up a lot of ideas that I hope to implement at Skibo very soon.'