b'CRAFTSMANSHIPJEWELLERY NEEDS TO BE WORN, NOT STORED IN A VAULT SOMEWHERE 0 6 work, features in Muse, and the collectionSustainability and ethicality are central toAbove: design sketches is woven through with purple sapphires inGarrards ethos. The House is a recipientfrom Garrards Muse a nod to the former Queens favourite colour.of the Butterfly Mark, awarded by Positivecollection reflect the Houses elegance The intention is that women can mix andLuxury, in recognition of its commitmentand precisionmatch pieces from across the collection toto only using conflict-free gemstones, and create a look as distinct and individual asall Garrard diamonds are sourced following Queen Alexandras.the United Nations Kimberly ProcessJewellery needs to be worn, not stored in But design is just one facet of a GarrardCertification Scheme.a vault somewhere.piece. The craftsmanship and the materialsIn recent years, Garrard has seen aUnder Prentices direction, this unique we use are of equal importance, and all needrise in the number of women coming to theand quintessentially British brand is expanding to be of the highest standard, notes Prentice.showroom to choose their own jewelleryits reach internationally with women across The third floor of 24 Albemarle Street isfrom the collection, and to work with thethe globe attracted to Garrards unique blend home to the House Studio, where experiencedteam to create their own bespoke pieces.of heritage and modernity. And as for whats experts use a combination of traditional andAsked who the Garrard client is, Prenticenext: Work on the next collection has already modern techniques to handcraft each piece.says, She is modern, she likes to expressbegunits a continuous cycle, she says. Also at work is Garrards apprentice, Rob. Itsher personal style through jewellery, andWhatever aspect of Garrards history inspires really important to us that those specialisedwearability is important to her. Versatilitythe new collection, it will no doubt bear the skills the team have are passed on to the nextis of great importance, she asserts, andtimeless elegance, exceptional quality and generation, Prentice explains.a key design consideration for the House.iconic style that the House is renowned for. '