b'GOLF 42 an entertaining Q&A session on the rst evening.It was a great event. Very competitive, but these are successful businessmen and thats how they got where they are, by having that killer instinct, says Skibos director of golf, David Thomson. It was all friendly, but there was denitely a ruthless edge. They certainly enjoyed the company in the evenings but the golf was taken very seriously. The handicaps were pretty equal, with everybody playing at a reasonably high level, but the British guys had more experience playing links golf. It can get very windy up here, and the Americans are used to ying the ball in high.Both days ended with entertainment in the castle, with Glenmorangie on hand to provide a dram or two of whisky to warm the players. For those with a craving for the grape rather than the grain, Baron Philippe de Rothschilds Bordeaux wine Mouton Cadeta bestseller since created by the eponymous winemaker and poet in 1930was liberally distributed, and perfectly accompanied by ne Davidoff cigars. The rst days golng was followed by a sing-song around the piano until the early hourssomething that perhaps explains the Top: guests were impressed by thecobwebs on the London teams second-day gameand rugged beauty of The Carnegie Links.the nal day was followed by a gala dinner with Above: Overfinch customised Rangesome boisterous cilidh dancinga suitable nale for Rovers transported guests around the estate an exuberant weekend of activity and recreation. '