b'SHOPPINGS U I T S Y O U Tweed and tailoring experts since 1858, Campbells of Beauly creates formal and sporting attire to suit an array of activities and occasions. The Campbells team also specialise in Scottish estate tweeds, working with a renowned cloth designer to create the traditional patterns. A selection of gentlemens jacketscrafted in Skibo tweed, made to match the landscape of the estateare available for purchase from the Skibo Shop. campbellsofbeauly.com 14 A F E W O F O U R F AV O U R I T E T H I N G S The Skibo team go above and beyond to seek outthe finest goods for members to discover and enjoyG A M E O N Handmade by Scottish furniture-T A K E F L I G H Tmaker Hugh Parsons, this cribbage boardpart of a Crafted in Edinburgh by the mastercollection of splendid products silversmiths at Hamilton & Inches, thisspecially curated for the Skibo brooch of an osprey in flight imaginesShop by Author interiorsis The Carnegie Clubs majestic bird of preya work of art. The perfect gift for logo in sterling silver. The Royal Warrant- that friend who has everything, holding Scottish jeweller and silversmithits made from the finest walnut was established in 1866 and is renownedand sycamore wood, with a for its bespoke creations and outstandinglacquer finish, and 24-carat gold craftsmanship. hamiltonandinches.com components. authorinteriors.com'