b'ADVENTURE I WANT TO TAKE PEOPLE ON ADVENTURE S AND BUILD OPP ORTUNITIE S FOR THEMPRESEN TStake on something like that. Hopefully, that is what will come of these activities for teenagers at Skibo: I want to take people on adventures and build opportunities for them to grow.As well as developing the outdoor experiences with Skibo, Im planning a new expedition for September 2020 to April 2021: The Dark Ice Project with my teammates Alex Hibbert and James Wheeldon. The concept is that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the surface of the Arctic Ocean in wintertime. During the expedition, as well as being the first humans to transect the Arctic from Canada, we will be collecting never-before-seen environmental data, unique content and imagery, whileADT B Csupplying an education for young people74 through live satellite feeds. Planning pioneering expeditions is a lot of work, but its adventures like this that enrich your life. Skibo is a great place for finding that balance between absolute luxury and the offer of raw adventure. Its a timeless place. I genuinely lose track of time in the most perfect way when Im here. Its an opportunity to enjoy yourself, to get off schedule, put your diary down, switch off your phone and just live well. These activities mean people young and old can push themselves to do things they have never done before while discovering new Chris Tubbs; Henry Hunt; Charles Leek; Emma Hallfeelings, new emotions. They might hate it, but equally, they might find a new love. I am pretty sure, at Skibo, they are going to find a new experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. To find out more about George Bullards adventure weekends, contact your personal reservations assistant. georgebullard.co.uk AT SKIBO CAST LEAbove: a salt-stained Bullard in Bakkafjrur, Iceland. Left: fishing on the estateinfo@loughrangallery.co.uk| www.loughrangallery.co.uk'