b'ADVSELNUTGURE THE CARNEGIE CLUBOpposite: Skibos grounds are a natural and tranquil haven. This page: Bullard (left) and Olly Hicks at the finish line after kayaking across the North Atlantic OceanB eing an adventure explorer basicallyfire lighting up at the campsite in the forest,In my early 20s, I realised I was starting to means I am very good at having a greatgo foraging for things to eat, or we might try lack a sense of direction in life. Id reached time in wild and remote places. Iveto catch fish. Sometimes, I might go to thea peak and needed to learn new skills, both been going on adventures for 16 years now.keeper and get a rabbit or a pheasant, pluckmentally and physically. I worked in finance When I was 14, I swam 22.1 miles across theit in front of everyone, gut it and prepare thefor a bit, which was, in short, a complete English Channel. Then, aged 19, I broke themeat, cook it on the campfire and eat it. Wefailure. Instead, I kayaked from Greenland to world record for the longest unsupported polarcould also build a shelter in the forest. TheScotland to unearth the ancient myth about journey in history. These adventures haveopportunity for fun is endless.the Inuit people, started a company called genuinely changed me and my perspectiveFor me, in the school holidays, I wouldIGO Adventures, whose mission is to create on life. They are the reason I believe in theclimb a tree, fall out of a tree, get stung, getpurposeful adventures for everybody, got power of the outdoors.caught in brambles and try to catch rabbits.involved in a family distillery called Bullards When the opportunity to host adventureIts about seeing the value in time and realisingGin, and Im now looking at new opportunities.740weekends for teenagers at Skibo came about,the benefits of the outdoors and learning.I believe the skills taught by adventures 7 3I jumped at it. The Highlands are totallyIts a really memorable confidence boostin the outdoors and in nature are really unique, you cannot find an ecosystem like itfor young people who are still trying to workimportant for jobs and for life. I was very anywhere else on the planet, which is whyout who they are. So when an adult says, Whatfortunate that I had a really great swimming Skibo is so special. did you do in the holidays? their shoulderscoach at school. He approached me to see Although they might not realise it,go back, their heads go up and they say,if I was interested in swimming lessons that youngsters have so much time on their handsI caught a fish, cooked it on a campfire andstarted at 5.45am every day before school. His and so much of that is whittled away in frontate it. Having experiences like this definitelyencouragement fuelled my enthusiasmafter of TVs, tablets and phones, which, I believe,changed me, and failing was an importantthat I gave up my Sundays every week to go is criminal. Getting outdoors awakens yourpart of that too.training, too. It takes a certain mind-set to potential, improves your confidence, helps mental health and, above all, is great fun. The first time I went exploring with a group of youngsters at Skibo, we jumped on a golf buggy and broke most of the rules but T H E G R E A Twent on an amazing adventure. Thats what teenage life is all about; they want to be an extrovert, do cool things, try new things, succeed, fail and learn. Thats what the outdoor O U T D O O R S activities at Skibo offer them. Theyve grown up in the Childrens Barn, which is really great, but when they get too cool for the barn, but not yet old enough to play golf or shoot archery, thats where I step in. Initially, they were reluctant to get involved but by the end of the Record-breaking explorer George Bullard is leading a series of activityfirst weekend they all thought it was amazing weekends for teenagers at Skibo. Here, he explains hisand were asking when Id be coming back.pic creditpassion for helping others discover the benefits of natureWe might use a compass to pick up various things around the map, learn about'