b'FINANCE THE CARNEGIE CLUBF or many heritage brands and businessesJAME S WE ATHERBYOpposite: Weatherbys has a long history with with rich histories, modernising tohorse racing. This page: remain a leader within their fieldJohnny and Roger Weatherby; an early R U N T H E while staying true to tradition can be a difficultPL AYED A ROLEGeneral Stud Book task. Weatherbys will be 250 years old in 2020, yet, as it approaches this milestoneIN R ACING A S anniversary, Weatherbys Private BankIT DE VELOPEDG O O D R A C E proves that embracing the latest technology doesnt mean forgetting the core values set when James Weatherby established the company in 1770. Excellent and innovative technologybroader and eclectic client base including is very important, but we regard technologyartists, jewellers, musicians, farmers, As Weatherbys approaches its 250th anniversary, Jemima Wilson exploresas similar to electricity; its a given. It shouldactors, lawyers and even circus owners. the journey from its horse-racing roots to becoming a modern-day bank just be there to enhance the service ourWhats different is the way we look after clients expect, says Roger Weatherby,our clients, says Roger. When you join a seventh-generation Weatherby and CEOWeatherbys, its a bit like joining a family. of Weatherbys Private Bank. We haventOur bankers get to know you and look after let technology get in the way of developingyou almost as if you were extended family. a personal relationship with our clients. And, from one family to another, Weatherbys slogan: ReassuringlyThe Carnegie Club is excited to be offered traditional, refreshingly modern could alsothe opportunity to invite its members to be used to describe The Carnegie Club, saysenjoy a thrilling day of racing at Ascot, Skibos director of marketing Claire Bruce. as guests of Weatherbys, during 2020. Our members enjoy a traditional house-partyThe Carnegie Club and Weatherbys experience at Skibo Castle, while enjoyingPrivate Bank enjoy a complementary approach,46 modern technological touches and theas both build meaningful relationships in47 contemporary idea of time out, awayorder to better serve the wants and needs of from the pressures and strains of daily life. their members, says chairman of The Carnegie Just as sporting heritage forms a bigClub, Peter Crome. Benevolence has been part of The Carnegie Club, with its eminentJames Weatherby played an influentialingrained in Skibo Castle since Andrew Carnegie Links golf course and world-classrole in racing as it developed, and by 1770Carnegieone of historys greatest country pursuits, Weatherbys history ishe held notable positions as secretary tophilanthropistsarrived at Skibo in 1898. steeped in horse-racing tradition, with thethe Jockey Club, Keeper of the Match BookSimilarly, Weatherbys is dedicated to bank providing a number of services toand stakeholder.giving back through a number of philanthropic racehorse owners and the racing industryIn 1773, he started publishing Theinitiatives, including its charitable foundation as a whole, since the 1700s.Racing Calendar, a record of all racingalongside its Creating the Future (CTF) As one of Britains longest establishedevents. Then in 1791, he created the firstconference, at which 12 experts address some sports, horse racing dates back to 200ADGeneral Stud Book to record the pedigreesof the most topical and challenging issues but the first recorded race took placeof approximately 400 English thoroughbredfacing our world today and in the future. at Newmarket in 1622. The prize moneyhorses. Both publications are still publishedWeatherbys first Creating the Future event for this inaugural event was 100.by Weatherbys today, and they still administertook place in 2018, and is now an annual event, all racing under contract from the governingwhich will alternate year by year from Creating British Horseracing Authority.the Future for clients one year, to Creating the Yet it wasnt until Weatherbys wasFuture NextGen the following year. A CTF equipped with a banking licence in 1994, thatNextGen event is scheduled in May 2020 Weatherbys Racing Bank was officially formedfor clients children aged between 20 and 30. /Getty Images Julian Herbertunder chairman Johnny Weatherby. JohnnysCoupled with our 250th anniversary younger brother Roger joined the bank in 1997,next year, we want toand will beengaging and then went on to establish Weatherbyswith our colleagues and customers in a deeper The ghost distillery of Brora in Sutherland enjoysPrivate Bank. So today they not only look afterand broader way, in terms of sustainability, a cult status with whiskythe financial affairs of their clients in relationenvironmental issues and community collectorsto racing, they have extended their service toinitiatives, Roger explains. Change do all of their banking, and look after a muchis leading the way. '