b'PEOPLEH I D D E N G E M SFour team members who have been at the Club from the very beginning tell us how Skibo Castle has changed and what keeps them hereINTERVIEWS Jane Fulcher PHOTOGRAPHY Amy MurrellG L E N N H E R B E R T S O N GreenkeeperMy main role at the castle is maintaining the golf course to a high standard. In summer we start at 5.30am and get the green prepared for when the members start coming out at 9.30am. We hand-cut the green every day and hand-cut the tees every second day using a walk-behind mower. Ive worked at the castle for 26 years, since I was about 19, although I grew up in Dornoch and used to help the gamekeeper at the time when I was 13 and still at8 7 school. At the start, I was taken on to help turn the site of the original nine-hole course into an 18-hole course by transforming the surrounding farmland and getting rid of a rabbit problem. After that, I went on to work on the golf course, and I also help the pheasant shoots run smoothly. I love working outdoors. My favourite time of year is autumn and the transformation of the trees and wildlife. Its not a bad office but the roof leaks once in a while.PA U L S M I T HMechanicI grew up in Rosehall, about 20 miles away from Skibo. I came to the castle for a six-week job and a quarter of a century later Im still here! My first task was putting up fences around the golf course before it was even a golf course. I then worked on the estate, keeping it tidy, and I also worked in transport, driving guests from the castle to the lodges. Ive been working on cars since I was about 15, but it was Skibo that trained me to become a qualified mechanic around 10 years ago. My role now includes looking after the garden machinery as well as the motors used for activities. I love that every day is different and that Im always using my brain for problem-solving. I also love the beautiful landscapeit certainly has the wow factor.'