b'MOTORINGThe technologically advanced Defender 90. Below: the Defender 110 with self-levelling air suspension is perfect for off-road pursuits0 3 Land Rover is also looking to get out ahead of the third-party suppliers and after-market customisers that previously dominatedTIME WILL TELL HOW the market. Options, already available at launch, include side ladders, panniers, a portable shower and even a roof tent.THE DEFENDER FANATIC S All now get the ofcial Land Rover stamp and they all screamWILL RE ACT TO AND AD OP T lifestyle and adventure. Indeed, the launch was accompanied by mountaineer and multiple Everest topper, Kenton Cool (yes,THE NE W STEEDreal name) who scaled a climbing wall before driving down it in the new Defender. Time will tell how the Defender fanatics will react to and adopt the new steed, but I suspect there is a fair chance they will throw off any misconceptions and climb aboard Defender 2.0. As much as I love the old workhorse, I know which model I would rather be inside on a blustery mountainside in the middle of winter. It certainly looks the part, with a taut muscular body and durable interior options. A clever, and new to the mass market, option is a satin lm bodywrap that protects the paintwork and is self-healing, absorbing any small scratches and chips, returning to its original state after distortion. Nods to the old car include a third, middle jump seat available in the front row, which kids will love. Even the alpine roof windows have made a returnalthough, crucially, this time they wont leak.In fact, the most confusing thing about the new Defender is how to congure it if you choose to buy one. Seating, wheelbase, shiny woods, matt woods, its even got two mud ap lengths. If you suffer from even the mildest indecision anxiety, then you should take a full day to sit down to tackle the Land Rover Defender congurator. '