b'HERITAGEon high-speed wifi and other technology too. Although, to be honest, I dont think anyone comes here to watch television or stare at their tablets. Our members tend to live in the fast lane and The Carnegie Club is all about allowing them to switch to a slower pace.So does this stress-busting apply to the owner? Mr Short laughs at the notion. Certainly not to begin with. The first five years were very stressful, because I was embarrassed by so many things that just werent right. But the second five were better, because if I noticed anything amiss, I knew the members trusted me by that point to put it right. And now, I love it, because I really can relax.And what does the owner expect for the future? What will be the legacy of Skibo? I cant control what happens when I am gone. But for now, it is a case of making Skibo better year-on-year, so that it becomes and remains one of the finest private clubs in the world.So where does Mr Crome think The Carnegie Club will be in another quarter of a century? I think in 25 years it would be gratifying if someone who knows the Club today came back for the first time and said Ah, nothing has changed at all, when of course it will have. Progress by stealth is our aim. ADT B C 2 2 Chris Tubbs; Amy MurrellWith NetJets you can rely on access to the largest private fleet in the world.Every day, we make the impossible possible. Thats why, with minimal notice,you can be on your way, wherever youre needed most.Call +44 (0) 203 811 7234 or visit netjets.comAll aircraft offered by NetJets Europe are operated by NetJets Transportes Areos S.A., an EU air carrier.'