b'GOLFClockwise, from left: The Carnegie Links makes optimal use of the landscape; the Clubs osprey logo;the modern Clubhouse enjoys spectacular uninterrupted views 44 Renowned British golf course architect Jonathan Gaunt, who has collaborated with Steel in the past, is certainly of the opinion that golf courses are ever-evolving entities. With Tom coming back in, youre looking at golf course design as a dynamic thing, Gaunt observes. You should be constantly making improvements because no matter what you create from the outset, there are always improvements to be made.Its not a museum, agrees Gruber. The Carnegie Links has gone through major changes now, but I think its the sort of golf course that will always evolve very subtly.The same applies to the Clubhouse, which has undergone improvements three times since 2003, evolving into something poles apart from the original 1990s steading conversion. Weve understood the significance of the building not as a golf clubhouse, but as a clubhouse, Chris Close; Amy Murrell; Dornoch HistorylinksGruber explains. Its incredibly important for our diningits the place members want to be as the sun sets. An increasing number want to be down here for dinner, perhaps because its more casual, but equally because of the remarkable landscapes. Theres nowhere better to be than down here looking out over the final three holes.It is the most wonderful place for playing golf, Mackenzie concludes. As an architect that makes it slightly daunting in some respects, because you know youve got to make the best of the opportunity. Golfers who play The Carnegie Links would agree that he has succeeded. '