b'THE CARNEGIE CLUBR A I S I N G S K I B OS S P I R I T SIn celebration of the Clubs 25th anniversary, Skibo has created a gin starring botanicals from its gardens, and ordered a search for a remarkable whiskyWORDS Douglas BlydeE leven miles west of John OGroats, Dunnet Bay gin distillery is the UK mainlands most northerly distillery, rising by the sand and shingle of Dunnet beachpopular with surfers and bird watchers. 3 7 In Autumn 2019, founders Martin and Claire Murray won Scottish Gin Distillery of the Year at the Scottish Gin Awards. Its fantastic recognition for a business that is only five years old, says Martin. The former chartered chemical process engineer (in oil and gas) mentions he already had much experience setting up distilling equipment in that role, but for different fluids.The Murrays established their small, meaningful business where they grew up and are now raising a family of their own here. Spirits from Dunnet Bay, distilled in gleaming pot stills named Elizabeth and Margaret, today reach the shores of the US, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, although Martin loves responding to bespoke commissions closer to home. He recalls the visit from Skibos gardeners, who made the journey to the distillerys launch. It became clear we could use a lot of what they were growing to make a gin, Martin explains. Joining the estates heather honey, bog myrtle (which is also more poetically known as sweet gale), and abundance of dandelion, Skibos 25th anniversary gin includes sap tapped from silver birch trees. The Victorians used it to make wine, says Martin. It provides a different kind of pine sensation, which you cant achieve by combining other ingredients. Rich in personality, such ingredients are tended by Skibos head gardener, William Moir, who keenly follows the gins formula with food and beverage manager Diane Munro'